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Crafting Elevated Experiences

Imagine the best hotel you’ve ever stayed at. Or the sense of instant peace and calm you feel whenever you enter a well-designed spa. Hospitality architecture is behind those amazing feelings. 

Guests should always feel like a hotel is part of their adventure, not just a place to sleep. Blending form and function into one, good hotel design crafts incredible experiences that people remember just as much as their trip itself. 

As hospitality architects, we create spaces that people cherish as part of their travel memories. Luxury resorts and hotels, bed and breakfasts, and boutique hotels are all part of our design services in two of America’s most charming cities: Atlanta, GA, and Destin, FL.

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How Do You Design a Hotel?

Hotels are an art form like every other type of architecture. We can design your dream boutique B&B in downtown Atlanta, or help you create a resort near Crystal Beach in Destin, Florida. 

A good hotel offers more than just a place to rest after a long day. It should be a refuge and oasis, delivering both tranquility and excitement at all the right moments. Our hotel design services include creating amenities guests love, such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotel bars
  • Beautiful lobbies
  • Libraries
  • Wellness centers
  • Spas
  • Observation decks
  • Rooftop lounges
  • Indoor and outdoor pools

When we are behind the scenes, your design is built with guests in mind. 

Turning Spaces Into Sanctuaries

The creative direction at Robert Architecture helps maximize even the smallest rooms and turn them into suites that guests adore. In our eyes, hospitality architecture should be centered around relaxation from the start. 

We take every part of your design into consideration. What colors will someone see when they wake up in the morning, and how will they make them feel? How will the shape of the windows impact natural lighting and views? 

Design inspiration is often found in the natural world. That’s why we always focus on your future property’s surroundings to create lodgings that feel like a natural extension of the landscape. All the while, we draw from over a decade of design knowledge to capture the essence of your hotel’s story in every detail.

Expert Resort Design From Start to Finish

The thought of building a resort is understandably overwhelming. Unlike a hotel, which is a big enough task, resorts are meant to be an all-in-one destination. Many people even travel across the country to experience what a resort has to offer. 

Our developments include both small and large resorts that can offer guests dining, lodging, entertainment, and pampering all in one place. 

We put the guest’s point of view at the heart of our design. Would they like to go to a spa? Fitness center? How should they feel when they take a dip in your resort pool? We want to create a full-service resort that makes each stay feel magical. 

Part of our resort architecture design involves assessing the surrounding area and drawing inspiration from nature. We create a gateway to the outdoors that encourages guests to embrace the beauty of nature and connect with it on new levels through your resort.

Whether you’re building on the glistening beaches of Destin or downtown Atlanta, we can create a destination hotel that captures the look, feel, and charm of your city.

Spa Design

A spa has high expectations when it comes to architectural design. Guests are deeply influenced by the style, design, and layout of the space, so we strive to harmonize the elements of nature and bring a sense of complete support, peace, and rejuvenation to guests.

We also accommodate various spa styles and take them into account — a Japanese zen oasis, a Balinese spa with vibrant tropical influences, or a Nordic spa that embraces hygge. No matter what style you prefer, we can find the right elements to instantly make your guests feel at ease.

Restaurant Design

Opening your own restaurant is one of life’s biggest accomplishments. After years of daydreaming, working with an architect can help you make your dream come true.

We will merge your culinary passion and artistry with our own architectural expertise to create a space that is wholly original. Our restaurant designs create spaces that encourage people to savor every flavor and connect with those around them.

Functional and Fluid Culinary Spaces

In addition to creating beautiful dining spaces, we also make sure your restaurant is an enjoyable place to work. We focus intensely on the kitchen to ensure optimal workflows for your entire staff. From stove-to-table, we want to create easy pathways that allow cooks, cleaners, servers to easily access anything they need.

Coffee Shop Design

Coffee shops are familiar staples in every location. Whether they’re small and cozy or open and modern, the timeless appeal of a coffee shop or café makes them a great business and investment.

Whether you want a dark-hued, laid-back atmosphere with industrial elements or a neutral interior complimented by natural textures and colors, we can develop the perfect layout, select the best materials, and bring your vision to life.

Starting a coffee shop or opening a café in Atlanta or Destin is a major achievement. We’re here to help you celebrate the milestone. We’ll create your dream space to delight customers with your hot coffees, cold brews, and lattes.

Why Work With Robertson Architecture?

With decades of design experience, we know how to create spaces that are both functional and captivating. We consider the concept behind every establishment and intertwine its story with stunning design elements.

Our spaces are a backdrop for connection, relaxation, and restoration. We know that your business has a unique story, and we want to help unveil it through your architectural design.

Design & Styling for Every Entrepreneur

Our hospitality architecture services are the complete package. We work with commercial developers as well as entrepreneurs building the first hotel. Our design skills are versatile to accommodate every client’s style.

Client-Centric Approach 

Our design approach sees clients as the experts. We bring the skills and tools, but it’s their vision that creates the end result. We want to help capture everything you imagine into a property you love.

Expert Tools and Technology

We use the latest design software to show our clients what their future properties might look like. With 3D rendering, we can bring any room to life on the screen. Being able to visualize spaces before they’re built makes it easier to refine and adjust even the smallest detail.

Request a Consultation Today

We know you’re planning something extraordinary. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with a hospitality architect. You can submit our website form, email us at, or call our office in Atlanta at (470) 795-9596. 

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