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At Robertson Architecture, we don’t just create beautiful houses. We make homes people love living in. From a single-family forever home to a multifamily apartment complex for hundreds of people, we know how to effortlessly combine modern design and technology with timeless appeal and enduring functionality. 

We may complete the drawings, but it all starts with your vision. Whether you prefer a rustic farmhouse, modern one-story abode, or fusion of past and present, we can create the perfect space that you will love.

We also help developers build communities that bring people together through spacious units and beautiful amenities.

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Custom Home Design

A single-family home has no bounds when it comes to architecture. When you build a house from scratch, the possibilities are endless. Your land becomes a blank canvas to bring your vision to life.

We can craft a beautiful home that not only looks amazing but feels incredible to live in every day.

From layout to exteriors, we cover it all. We walk you through each room to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the end result. 

From a ground up residential development to designing the ultimate addition with an inground pool and sun deck, we focus on what feels like home and incorporate it into our drawings.

Multifamily Complexes

Duplexes, triplexes, townhomes, and apartment buildings all carry their own character and charm. We understand the additional challenges of building multifamily complexes, like space utilization, energy efficiency, and crafting common areas.

We want to create a sense of community while maintaining each individual resident’s sense of privacy and home. This can be done by leveraging personal spaces and connecting them to multi-functional amenities that feel both personal and communal at once.

Home Renovations and Remodels

While we often create properties from the ground up, we are equally adapt at helping clients renovate their existing properties. If you have recently purchased an older property and would like to breathe new life into it, we’re here to help.

We can transform an older property into a modern home just as easily as we can restore a historic property and maintain its vintage charm. Our expert eye for design can help you refine your own vision and discover new opportunities.

When remodeling or expanding a home, we make enhancements that can improve energy efficiency, take advantage of underutilized space, and make the most out of every room.

And we never forget exteriors. From siding and walkways to window frames and foliage, we help you choose the best features that tie your entire property together.

Sustainable Architecture to Protect the Environment

We believe that the future is green. We can readily recommend the most eco-friendly alternatives to common building materials and help coordinate with contractors who engage in sustainable building practices. 

In addition to minimizing the building process’s impact on the environment, we also help design energy-efficient homes that are more optimized for a future that is embracing solar technology and alternative energy.

We Are Committed to Your Results

At Robertson Architecture, we offer residential architectural design that spans far beyond visionary work. We create comprehensive packages that ensure you have all of the details you need to receive bids from buildings and secure necessary permits and funding for your home.

By choosing us to be your residential architect, you can expect the highest quality care, impeccable attention to detail, and unlimited support throughout the process. 

Open and Continuous Communication

You will always be updated on the current status of your custom home drawings. We work closely with each client to ensure that the end result is something they are happy with. This includes collaborating with them during the preliminary design stage to ensure that every detail of their vision is accounted for in the project.

10+ Years of Experience

We have constructed single family homes throughout the Atlanta region, as well as in Destin, Florida. With over a decade of experience, we know how to not only work well with our clients but ask all the right questions and incorporate responses into tangible results. 

Leading Technology

We utilize the latest architecture design technology to help our clients get the most out of their projects. Using 3D rendering, we can create virtual models of what your home will look like and help you fine-tune the drawings to ensure it meets your standards.

By taking advantage of the most innovative architectural tools, we can enhance communication and help our clients get the quality of design they are looking for.

Schedule a Consultation Today

We would be delighted to meet with you and discuss your project. Please contact us today by submitting a form on our website or emailing us at You can also reach us by phone at (470) 795-9596. 


How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Home? 

Building a custom home can be more affordable than buying one, but this depends on several factors. The actual location is a major consideration, along with the size of the home, any permits you need, the cost of building materials, and a contractor’s rates. 

When you work with an architect, drawings typically cost between 5-12% of the total cost of building a custom home.

Are Custom Builds Cheaper? 

Custom homes can be more affordable than purchasing properties, especially if you take advantage of the lower cost of undeveloped land. By building your own custom home from scratch, you can ensure that it has all of the features and amenities you want from the start.

How to Build a Custom Home on a Budget?

Working with an architect can help you optimize the design to suit your budget. While it may seem like an added expense when you are working on a fixed budget, investing in an architect can ultimately help you get the best quality build for a price within your price range.

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