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Welcome to Robertson Architecture

Founded by Atlanta-based architect David Robertson, Robertson Architecture specializes in bringing residential and commercial projects to life. We can turn your VISION into REALITY with our unique and inspiring designs.

Award Winning

We are proud to announce that we were recognized in the Best of Georgia 2023 awards published by the Georgia Business Journal.

Conceptualization & Design

Conceptualization and design are crucial stages in the architectural process, involving the generation and development of ideas that will ultimately shape a building or space. We as a team collaborate in depth with you to bring together a design that encapsulates the essence of your project.

Our Mission

At Robertson Architecture, our mission is to revolutionize the way we experience design. We believe that every space has the potential to inspire and enhance the lives of those who inhabit it. Our team is dedicated to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and creating transformative designs that positively impact individuals and communities alike.

Vision for the Future

At Robertson Architecture, our vision is to redefine architectural design by pushing the boundaries of creativity and embracing innovative approaches. We strive to create harmonious, sustainable spaces that inspire and enrich lives. Through our commitment to forward-thinking and cutting-edge technologies, we shape a new era of architecture, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Getting in Touch

Please get in touch anytime, to chat about your vision for your next project. You can call (470) 795-9596, email, or click below to submit your information.

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From boutique hotels to luxury resorts and charming restaurants, we understand the importance of creating spaces that provide memorable guest experiences. Our meticulous attention to detail and focus on functionality ensure that every design is both visually captivating and practical. Let us bring your hospitality vision to life, transforming spaces into captivating destinations that inspire and delight guests.

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Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy. With years of experiences and continuing research, our team is ready to serve your interior design needs. We're happy to make you feel more comfortable on your home.

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With a proven track record of satisfied clients, Robertson Architecture brings extensive experience to every project. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we approach each project with passion and expertise. Trust us to bring your vision to life with precision, creativity, and a focus on your unique needs – your satisfaction is our top priority.