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Headquartered out of Atlanta, Robertson Architecture is a boutique architectural firm working with single-family, multifamily, and restaurant clients across the state of Georgia. We are here to help you bring your vision to life. Our team will artfully design your project and be with you throughout the entire design and construction process. No matter your project size, we are here to help you every step of the way. Reach out to us today.
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Getting to Know Robertson Architecture!


Atlanta is loved for merging a big city feel with small-town charm. The Southern hospitality runs strong through ATL, and it’s no surprise people are looking to put down roots and build their businesses in The A.

There are plenty of neighborhoods to choose from, like peaceful Sandy Springs and artsy Cabbagetown. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or family ready to build their forever home, working with a professional architect can help you realize your dream.

At Robertson Architecture, we craft both residential and commercial properties throughout Atlanta. From single-family homes and apartment complexes to restaurants and hotels, our team knows how to capture your vision and transform it into an amazing space.

Every step of the way, we’ll keep you in the loop to create a one-of-a-kind space that brings your vision to life.


When you step into a beautiful hotel, there’s an instant sense of relaxation that washes over you. We love creating that moment for guests through Atlanta B&Bs, resort-style spas, and other locations that are made to make people happy.

You may be building your venue as a business, but customer satisfaction should be at the center of its design. Every detail has an impact on a person’s experience, so covering everything from comfort and style to amenities and accessibility is crucial.

We integrate all the most important elements of hospitality design to create incredible locations that guests rave about. Before working with an architect, consider the type of story you want to tell with your hotel.

How should people feel when they enter their suite? What type of mood to you want the lobby to give off? Is there going to be a bar or restaurant that elevates their experience? Maybe you want to build a wellness retreat that has natural gardens, yoga decks, and saltwater pools.


Atlanta is home to dozens of iconic restaurants, like Mary Mac’s Tea Room and The Busy Bee Cafe. Food is part of what makes the city so iconic. When you’re planning to join the culinary scene in Atlanta, you need a restaurant architect who understands exactly what types of spaces diners love.

Diners should be open and welcoming, but they can also be modern and innovative with plant-based menus and woodsy decor. A Japanese restaurant can honor the heritage of its menu while still playing into the flair and Southern charm of Atlanta.

We want to make your restaurant one of the best. Through personalized design services, we’ll walk you through everything from color palette selection to materials and kitchen layout. The result will be an authentic restaurant that delivers a unique culinary experience to everyone that chooses to be your guest.


Many people aren’t sure when to hire an architect in Atlanta; they may think they’re just for professional developments or assume that they’re entirely out of their budget. We want you to know that neither is true!

Architects work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, real estate investors, developers, and everyone in between. Working with an architect can even help lower your total cost of building because you have a clearer understanding of what you want, what materials to use, and expert drawings to guide contractors.


You can count on us to craft beautiful homes of all sizes and styles throughout Georgia. Custom homes aren’t just about looks — we want to translate the best ideas into must-have amenities that will make your property feel like paradise.

All our properties built throughout Atlanta neighborhoods have one thing in common: they’re as beautiful to look at as they are enjoyable to live in.


Metro Atlanta is growing fast, and the multifamily typology is a great way of achieving significant density in an area where raw land is hard to come by. Our multifamily complexes can range from cozy townhomes with modern finishes to multi-million dollar apartment communities that create new communities. Over a decade of developing every type of shared living has helped us refine our skills and learn how to create spaces that people love living in.

You can reach out to us to plan a new build for you, or to discuss building a new development for tenants in Atlanta. Our architectural expertise helps you maximize space and get the most out of your budget.


We love Atlanta, and we’re happy to help clients discover new sides to our city. Just like many of the people we serve, we’re entrepreneurs who understand all the hard work that goes into creating a successful business in the city.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we have firsthand experience crafting creative solutions in a time where they are needed. Our team is dedicated to making Atlanta a more livable place, one client at a time.

We value your feedback and include you in every step of the design process. From pre-design to schematics, bidding, and construction, our team is always there to answer questions and make developing your property a wonderful experience.