Do you really need an architect? This is a question that many homeowners, investors, developers, restaurateurs, and those in the hospitality industry ask themselves.

Architect working on an image of a building

I would like to think the question is always answered with a yes, but it could depend. The answer to this question could depend on the size of your project, the complexity of your vision, and how much control you want over every aspect of it. But before we get into whether you actually need one, let’s find out we architects actually do!

Architects can provide a tremendous amount of value on even the smallest project. We will listen to our client’s vision, pain points, space requirements, timelines, etc… We will then take all of that, in conjunction, with all applicable codes/ordinances, and synthesize it into a work of art that can be built.

To the budding entrepreneur this could sound like just another added cost to the million other ones that you already have to pay for. Having had the luxury of seeing many projects from start to finish, I can assure you it is a worthwhile cost.

Your space will be a reflection of how you want your company to be seen. You don’t want to end up with this?!

Old Shack falling down

Now architects come in all shapes and sizes so be sure you find the right one for your upcoming project.

As a fellow entrepreneur I can sympathize with the struggle in trying to get something off the ground, so let’s have a chat about those struggles and how we can fix them!

Blog Article by Robertson Architecture – Atlanta, GA